Tavern Night Table-45cm Wide-Legato/BLMQ


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Trapez Screen SN150- G-Twist
Trapez Screen SN150- G-Twist
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Tavern Night Table-45cm Wide-Legato/BLMQ

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Modern loft style bedside cabinet, legato color, walnut cut, black marquina, size 45 cm, warm with melas Reflecting cool with style, unique design with dark black marble pattern material top. Black Marquina Has a luster and shine Beautifully imitated with natural marble pattern Combines a new design gold drawer handle And black painted steel legs Go together perfectly

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₨ 19,900.00

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  • Legato Color Scheme: Walnut cut with black marquina, creating a modern and stylish appearance.
  • Size: Compact at 45 cm, fitting well in various bedroom spaces.
  • Warm Melas Contrasted with Cool Style: The combination of warm melas and cool design elements adds a unique touch.
  • Dark Black Marble Pattern Top: The bedside cabinet features a top made of dark black marble-patterned material, providing a luxurious feel.
  • Black Marquina Elegance: The black marquina material has a luster and shine, beautifully imitating natural marble patterns.
  • Unique Design Gold Drawer Handle: A new design with gold drawer handles adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness.
  • Black Painted Steel Legs: Sturdy and stylish, the black painted steel legs complement the overall design perfectly.
  • Harmonious Combination: All elements come together seamlessly, creating a bedside cabinet that reflects both warmth and cool style.
Color Legato/BLMQ
​Dimension 40x40x45cm